How it works

Learn how our Airbnb management service works


1 Create an account at

Fill out the sign-up form including the HostTonight username, listing location and service plan.

2 Update your Airbnb account

Log into your Airbnb account and edit your current e-mail address to the new HostTonight e-mail that you've just created. Remember you can still have access to your Airbnb account.


Guest support and communications, key exchange, cleaning and more... we do it for you!

Hospitality Services

Key exchange services are arranged via lockboxes and cleaning services are some of our hosts' favourite services when extra help is needed. Our hospitality services are ruled by Airbnb hosting standards for a more enjoyable, successful hosting experience.

Support & Communications

Responding quickly increases your chances of being booked. This also shows that you're an attentive and considerate host. Never miss a booking and provide your guests with the best possible experience throughout their stay.

We improve your response rate and support your guests and give them tips and recommendations.

Optimization Services

Our listing optimization services helps your guests manage their expectations when they book your listing. A great description will attract better guests and help you earn great ratings positioning your listing to the top pf the search results.

We also partnered up with BeyondPricing so that your property has the right price, at the right moment. This is up to 35% more revenue for your property.

4 HostPanel - Know more!

With the new HostPanel, hosts now have more information about the performance of their listings, occupancy rates, guest information and much more!

  • Upcoming reservations
  • Future payouts
  • Request extra services
  • Pay and download invoices