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The Big Picture of Airbnb: Getting more money for your listing

The Big Picture of Airbnb: Get more money for your listing

Airbnb has completely changed the game in the hospitality industry.

At least, in our opinion, you know you’ve made it when Beyoncé loves you.

Instead of picking up that second job, many are choosing to simply maximize their unused space — whether it’s a room that is available all the time, or whether they just want to recoup some rent money when they go away for a week or two.

Some are even traveling full time, living on nothing but Airbnb money from the apartment they left behind. (How do you do this? Try a management service that does the work for you, and simply puts money in your bank).

So, let’s get to it — where do you, and your extra bedroom, fit in? 

Here are some key concepts about how the world of Airbnb functions. Who knows, you may even be able to join those who make over $1 million per year renting via the service.

1. Be Unique

Airbnb offers a wide variety of places to stay, from the functional to the whimsical, and from the simple to the extravagant. As the rental experience molds perfectly to the vacation, from private tropical getaways to extreme weather adventures, there is never a shortage of places that will “blow your mind” and completely change the face of a vacation. People can even choose to rent their own personal island, which can be cheaper than you may think.

Anything you can do to “spice up” your space will help to make it a premium property. Start with tasteful decorating and utilize Airbnb’s free photography service.

2. Publish yourself — Wish Lists

People can create their very own “bucket lists” of extremely beautiful or extremely crazy places to see (and sleep) in their lifetime. Airbnb Listings that publish themselves well, and offer something special, can find themselves on Wish Lists all over the place. Once again, this comes back to offering something special.

When creating your listing, be sure to include quality photos that include things like maps, fruit, and bottles of wine to convey a sense of home and adventure. Keep the listing description short.

3. Luxury or Economy: Find your Niche

Airbnb is, on average, far cheaper than a hotel would be, while offering superior amenities and a better experience for guests. However, there are also many listings that provide the very definition of luxury for travelers with a little extra cash. College students on a heavily-budgeted road trip can easily save some cash and get a good night’s rest; at the other end of the spectrum, A-list celebrities and business people can suit their every whim.

(Seriously — look at the place that Beyonce rented for $10,000 a night for the Super Bowl)

Figure out who would want to rent your place, and cater to their needs.

4. Start Now

Word of mouth can lie, but the numbers don’t; according to Travel and Leisure, more and more people of all ages are becoming aware of alternatives — alternatives like Airbnb — to hotels or other traditional renting methods. Perhaps most importantly, a Goldman Sachs survey shows that once people use Airbnb, fewer and fewer choose to ever go back to hotels or other available options. This means that not only will more and more people start using Airbnb, but also that they will almost exclusively use Airbnb.

Get started today, and ride the wave.

5. Use all Available Resources

There are literally no requirements to profiting from Airbnb other than simply having a place to rent out and an internet connection; this can be a place that is always available or a place that you just want to get some money for when you go away for the weekend. There are many tips and tricks out there to help you; for example, you can use Airbnb’s free photography service, or take high-quality photos of your own. Also, numerous websites have published guides or legal tips to make hosting guests with Airbnb easier, and many services offer cleaning between guests.

Many hosts invest time and energy into running their Airbnb at a reasonable level of profit. Some, however, are choosing to use services like HostTonight, which entirely manages EVERYTHING about the process, from key delivery to cleaning. You don’t even have to be in the same country. Want to go traveling for a year and live on Airbnb earnings? Try HostTonight.

They go so far as to handle all bookings and communications with guests — even the annoying ones. After all, communication is essential with Airbnb, as with most things in life.

Guests who enjoyed the experience you gave them will not only come back, but will leave an all-important positive reference.