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Make Your Airbnb Listing Great Again: Some Tools, Tips, and Tricks

Make Your Airbnb Listing Great Again: Tools, Tips, Tricks

How can I be the best Airbnb Host, and run it better than anyone else, for maximum income and minimal effort? What do Guests really want for positive Airbnb references?

People all over are asking this question, so we've put together something to help. 

Over 2 million people worldwide are using Airbnb to rent property online, and they're not going back. Part of the rapid expansion of Airbnb is due to the fact that many people have figured out that they can make a lot of money using the website and taking advantage of their empty space. Some are using it to travel the world. Some are earning as much as a part time job, or more - these people make more than a million bucks

Of course, nobody is making a million dollars overnight. Everyone has to start small; however, we’ve put together a few tips to accelerate the process a bit. For the "Big Picture" of Airbnb, check out our previous post on how to get started and be different from everyone else. This post will go into a bit more detail.

1) Use Airbnb’s Resources

Many people do not take advantage of them properly, but Airbnb offers forums, blogs, tips, and tools all about being a good Host and maximizing your income. Airbnb even offers a professional photo service that can help you out with great photos for your Listing. Why do they want to help? They do, after all, benefit from you benefitting! To help, they offer a lot of guidance within their website, forum, and blog.

Airbnb How To

Outside of Airbnb, there are numerous blogs and services that provide tips, as well as some paid services. Here are some of our favorites: 

Airbnb Secrets - Airbnb Tips 

Get Paid for Your Pad - Airbnb Tips

Airdna - Hosting and Airbnb Analytics

Learn Airbnb - Airbnb Tips

Fairbnb - Airbnb Tips

These sites can help you be a better host,  but for direct consulting, or to have someone do it totally for you, we recommend the HostTonight service. We work with all this information, as well as other partners who lend us their services for things like optimization, pricing, and cleaning. 

The main difference, simply, is that HostTonight does everything for you, whereas these sites offer tips on how to do it yourself. HostTonight also adds a few other services that you can't get anywhere else, at a rate that beats everyone else. 

2) Be a Good Host!

Airbnb How To

Though this seems obvious, many people do not really understand what it means to be a good host, and how to take advantage of it. It is essential to communicate very well (the most important factor in a guest’s satisfaction), as well as try to anticipate your guests' needs. Maps, guides, and other resources that you can recommend or provide are always appreciated. Leaving little treats to sweeten the experience, like a box of chocolates, can go a long way as well.

To be a good Host, it helps to understand how to be a good Guest!

3) Optimize your listing

Airbnb mobile

It’s important to manage your Listing well, but the Listing itself is important too. Be sure to use full - BUT SHORT! - descriptions with colorful, descriptive, specific language to fully convey what your Airbnb Listing is all about. Let guests know what they will be close to, able to do, or able to enjoy specifically with YOUR Listing. Looking "attractive" and "trustworthy" is even more important than having a nice place.

 4) References, References, References

Positive references are the most important thing in getting your Listing to the top. Properties with lots of great reviews will be, by far, the most visible. It’s sort of a snowball effect; hosting many guests will bring you even more guests - provided that everyone has a positive experience.

Airbnb References

According to a Ted Talk from the Airbnb founder Joe Gebbia, references and the trust they bring are the most important factor, and good references outweigh other factors like relating to someone or having things in common. 

5) Capitalize on your strengths - Be Unique

Airbnb Philadelphia

Do what you can to make your Listing unique (It is! We promise) and get seen more. The strangest things will bring guests to you. A personal anecdote to illustrate this point: we personally rented a room for most of 2015 that was really quite unimpressive - small, and in a shared apartment that was very difficult to keep clean, as we had 4 roommates. However, in the description we had happened to mention that we were an apartment of entrepreneurs living abroad; nearly every single guest told us that this single random factor had made them want to stay with us. Nearly all our guests were pretty interesting folks, as well, since we knew who would like our Listing, and who to "sell" to. 
As Forbes says - "Stay Weird" and celebrate yourself as a unique host.

Bonus: The Complete Hosting Picture

As you can see by the sheer amount of tools that exist to help, Hosting can be a complex process. A strong profile with a good description and solid photo, while essential, is only the beginning. Constant clear communication with guests is essential, as well as all the work that goes into making sure that your listing is ready for someone who is paying their hard-earned money to stay at YOUR Listing because they have chosen not only your Listing, but also you, as a Host.

Airbnb How To

Cleaning and key delivery to the guest are essential, and must be arranged with a third party if you are not around or don’t have the time. Little touches help as well - be sure to really think about the pricing of your listing, and leave your guest a little something to improve his or her experience - recommendations of things to do in the city, the location of necessary shops or stores, public transportation information, etc. Even a bottle of wine or some candies would be welcomed!

It's also incredibly important to determine whether renting through Airbnb is worth your time.

In our opinion, the greatest tool to ensure that it's worth it is a full Listing Management Service, like HostTonight. If you don’t feel up to the task of doing everything above, then we can do it for you - and more. All you would have to do is sign up, set your Listing’s availability, and activate the account. If you want to do it yourself, then keep following our content for more tips and advice from professionals worldwide.