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Managing your Airbnb the Right Way

Using Airbnb is easy; being a renter is not.

However, if you have an Airbnb property that you rent out, we at HostTonight are here to help you become one of the top renters in your area.

Things that Lead to a Great Listing, and Great Profit

Dynamic pricing looks at your rental and weighs every variable, such as the season and availability, and carefully calculates the rental cost of your property from which you can achieve the highest revenue.

Guest services help everyone - not only for you but for your guests. Do your guests have questions at 7pm? Are they arriving at 9:30am to get exchange keys and you have to take your kids to school? Controlled guest support and key exchange, around the clock, is especially useful to those with little time to spare on managing their listing.

Cleaning services are quickly becoming a necessity, especially for those with multiple listings, or listings with a high volume of guests. Adding a personal touch boosts guest experience even more, and leads to great recommendations and ratings. A gift package upon their arrival should get the job done.

When your guests leave happy,  it is wise to take their 5-star review and create social media exposure. The most successful hosts use guest satisfaction for a “snowball effect” and guarantee that their listing will never be without a guest wanting to stay there.

Not a Trick: Getting Money without doing Anything

There are several companies that offer some of the software or services listed above. For those who want comprehensive coverage of all the services, HostTonight is a professional Airbnb management service that does everything for you - simply give away all the responsibility, and get more money in your bank account. We can also get your listing onto the Airbnb site if you have not done that part yet.

HostTonight provides the human touch that you would provide, but without you having to do it. Every guest and listing are unique, after all, and each with special requirements. In exchange for just 20% of the total payout, HostTonight handles the services above - cleaning, bookings, guest inquiries, key delivery, profile optimization, etc. The team handles everything with cutting edge software to optimize pricing, as well as ensures maximum exposure and guest satisfaction.

After all, we only make money if you do - and you will make more money.

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