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What the Best Airbnb Hosts Do: Avoid Airbnb Nightmares

What the Best Airbnb Hosts Do: Avoid Airbnb Nightmares

As a Host, perhaps one of the hardest parts of running a successful Airbnb Listing is communicating, reserving, and dealing with Guests. 

There are entire forums online dedicated to Hosts and Guests sharing horror stories and nightmare situations where Guests completely abused their hospitality, from hidden cameras, to wild parties, to pop-up brothels. Hosts can leave guests in the rain or falsely advertise their listings, and Guests can be incredibly annoying.

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Of course, it's a personal decision whether renting via Airbnb is worth it or not, but we side with the overwhelming evidence that YES, it IS worth it. It's a unique opportunity to utilize unused space for profit as a Host, or travel to unique destinations at a good price as a Guest.

Keep the Guest in Mind.

4 suggestions to make your Airbnb renting experience a good one:


1) Managing Guests and Reservations

While most people understand common courtesy and abide by general, unspoken rules for using Airbnb, it's still always a good idea to be clear and professional about the Airbnb rental arrangement. Taking basic steps ahead of time will prevent future issues. Knowing who your Guest is, and clearly establishing your identity as a Host, will manage expectations for Guests.

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2) Communicating Well

Communicating with Guests is the most important part of a successful Airbnb Listing. Good communication can clear up most problems before they start, and is the most important thing in getting positive references and being a successful Host. Save yourself from effort - consider doing research, or using tools or an Airbnb Management Service. At the very minimum, take simple steps like blocking off your calendar when your Listing is not available and providing an accurate description of your Listing and policies in order to avoid unnecessary back-and-forth with Guests.

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3) Providing a Great Experience: The Guest's Perspective.

As a host, it's easy to treat Airbnb like a business and forget that, in reality, you are in the Hospitality industry. Do not forget that each Guest is a person with their own story who is spending their hard-earned money to stay at your Airbnb Listing, and that they chose you for a reason. If you respect their humanity, their time and experience, and their money, you will be well on your way to SuperHost status

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4) Using Resources: You're Not Alone.

Airbnb Listing Management doesn't have to be difficult; there are many tools, resources, and services out there that can help you to success. Airbnb offers tools and a free photography; externally, there are lots of pricing services, data providers, e-books, online classes, and consultation services available. 

Of course, if you want it all for a reasonable price (20%), you've come to the right place. HostTonight is a complete Airbnb Management service to take care of your guests and Listing for you, so that you have more free time and a higher income.